Unfiltered Episode 482: UFC 260 Recap, Aljamain Sterling & Miranda Maverick

Opublikowany 31 mar 2021
UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling joins Jim and Matt to kick off the show (2:15). He talks all things related to his controversial DQ win against Petr Yan to win the bantamweight belt, including what went through his mind immediately after the illegal knee that ended the bout and the smack talk his Twitter mentions bring up the most. He also gives an update on a potential timetable for the rematch with Yan (post-surgery?) and explains what he thinks will be different next time they face off in the Octagon.

Then (39:31), Miranda Maverick joins the show after her win against Gillian Robertson on the main card of UFC 260 on Saturday. Before she puts the flyweight division on blast and makes some major callouts, Miranda describes the ways working on a farm in Missouri has prepared her for the UFC (despite the bees and bucking horses) and she explains what she plans on doing with her Ph. D. in Industrial Occupational Psychology.

Jim and Matt close the show with a breakdown of their favorite moments from UFC 260, including Francis Ngannou's vicious KO of Stipe Miocic to earn the UFC heavyweight title, Vicente Luque's first-round submission over former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, and Sean O'Malley's win over Thomas Almeida.
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  • The MOST fake "champ" in UFC history, I hit that dislike button immediately.

  • Love Maverick's attitude man. And she's looking better in the octagon with each outing. Exciting prospect.

  • the lady on the thumbnail looked like Islam Makhachev with a wig

  • Aljo 鈥 I lost cause the mat is slippery鈥 16 times I was ice skating .

  • Serra just had the "legitimately" Yips (couldn't say it because he was thinking too much about it) I also cant stand Big JM, he's so bad at commentating, even when the fight is boring as fuck he's like "he's looking so good and so on" never says anything negative towards bellator but trashes the UFC constantly on his channel, fuck that guy.


  • "I shouldn't have let me dump me on my head" Bruh you didnt LET him do anything to you he imposed his will on you bro you had no choice

  • I am simple guy wheneu I see sterling i dislike 馃槀

  • I didn鈥檛 have too much of a problem with it at first, then he said that he doesn鈥檛 want to rematch Yan because Yan should be punished. Hilarious, why do you think that you currently have Yan鈥檚 belt? And the 鈥渃hampion鈥 means the best in the division, and you were getting your ass kicked the entire fight

  • Lol he called Yan the paperchamp but look who's talking

  • Lmao sterling making up injuries to postpone his rematch.

  • opened the video only to leave a dislike

  • You got to ignore all the haters. Jealousy makes people stupid.

  • Lemme know if they talk about reconsiling their pork.... Or beef馃崠

  • For some reason after 15 minutes, I can't listen to this shit anymore

  • Fake champ.......now promoted by ufc?

  • Has Matt really slowed down?

  • he should never get the belt........... it should be open . he doesnt deserve the belt Sterling was losing that fight.

  • Fake champ

  • Aljo got hit hard but he obviously acted that shit up big time. And dude you're not trolling anyone. You're so butthurt it's sickening.

  • I tell ya, Miranda Mavericks 馃惐 looked like it was trying to hulk out of her shorts the whole match. We were soo close to having it pop out lol.

  • And you care what everyone says that鈥檚 why you explaining

  • Aljo just give yan the rematch soon and quit ducking we all know yan is going to get the belt back long as Aljo don鈥檛 try and run from him Dana will make that fight

  • Quit ducking Yan paper champ

  • Paper champ

  • Sterling best actor...

  • Fake cry baby champ....

  • trash

  • Jimmy is gross

  • Could have relinquinshed the belt BUT kept it. 馃槕

  • I havent heard this thing since it was launched years ago but Im guessing this is still the Dana White bootlicker podcast.?

  • Serra on drugs?))

  • Oscar Sterling 馃挬馃悁

  • I鈥檝e never seen a more fake champ in UFC history than Aljo. Name one other champ that doesn鈥檛 deserve the belt more.

  • "Stipe have been knocked out by massive punches and stood up after a couple of minutes, on the other hand Sterling had a knocked-out audition for nearly 24hrs."

  • ;((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • Fake champ lol

  • Aljo Affirmative Action lol

  • Watch Aljo is goin to duck the rematch as long as he can...to many excuses coming out his mouth

  • Fake champion, fake fainting, fake person. Someone take this clown out.

  • Aljo was definitely losing that fight anyone can see tf is he saying

  • Ashamed of ufc,oscar to clown.

  • Fake Master

  • Miranda Maverick, i'm sold

  • UFC should not give Sterling the bantamweight champion belt. They can give part of Yan's money to Sterling and revoke Yan's champion.

  • Funny how they show Sterling at the beginning in that fight. Almost as if they are trying to hide how he "won" the belt.

  • 馃槙plthrow.info/my/wideo/vql8lJzS0NqfmIU.html

  • I want to see these new producers they have now that Serra is always jumping on there ass. I wish they didn't get rid of Chris the Producer. He was a big part of the show, like a 3rd co-host

  • I'm glad i don't have to just listen to the podcast anymore and they started posting the video and not delayed to anymore.

  • Lmao everybody hating on Aljo for getting illegally kneed but not nearly this amount of hate for volkanowski for robbing max Holloway r khabib getting p4p number one because he asked white privilege

  • Norton blinks more than blinker.

  • Aljo's got people eating out of his hand

  • poor miranda maverick being in the same video with spunkmaster

  • Ain鈥檛 no 300 real likes

  • Paper champion馃弳 Aljo

  • Aljo 鈥 my back is broken, it鈥檚 spinal 鈥 sterling

  • Obviously becoming world champ didn't change shit for Aljo cuz he doesn't fucking deserve the belt,he was a fucking pussy for not continuing the fight ,he knows that,we all know that,so let's just have the fucking rematch,give the belt back to Yan and let's call it a day.

  • Sterling is the Champion ! I can say that now because ManCity gona win that cup !

  • Aljo got whooped

  • Everytime aljo's in an interview dislikes goes up

  • jesus stfu Aljo

  • Thing is if he had rejected the belt immediately, people would be behind him 100%, he'd have more fans than ever willing to pay PPV money to see him in the rematch, his social media would have blown up massively, which would have brought all the associated monetary gain and benefits he could have dreamt of... and he still would have got the rematch and extra champ PPV money becuase legally speaking he would still be the champ. Now people are actively disliking his content and can't wait to see him lose the belt. It's sad because people were genuinely rooting for him until this happened.

  • These degrees could be a nice back up plan if fighting doesn鈥檛 work out....most fighters don鈥檛 have a plan b....she鈥檚 smart too....can only improve as a fighter so good luck to her education ambition

  • Aljo has the best hair in the fight game when he has it fro'd out

  • Stipe did get up faster than sterling did, and he was KOd completely

  • Skip to 39:30 for the real stuff. not the fakechamp disgrace that aljo is

  • Keep your head up Aljo. Those "fans" who are hating don't know shit about fighting in competition. Keep doing you, and like Serra said "don't ever second guess yourself because of these trolls." You know who you are, and they obviously don't!!

    • Aljo said he was not impressed by Yan's TD defense but was unable to take him down despite double digit attempts and then blamed it on the canvas being too slippery. He said in a previous interview his performance was compromised because he didn't eat breakfast that morning. In this interview he has given his third different reason on why he can't fight Yan in an immediate rematch. Aljo is embarrassing himself and everyone who supports him. The message is clear: Aljo is fully aware he will lose in a rematch and will do anything to avoid it.

  • Lmao never seen so many dislikes on a ufc video I wonder why 馃馃馃槒馃し鈥嶁檪锔

  • Aljamain hes just a coward wins only with submission look yan destroy him hes just nothing for yan

  • B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -L-o-V-e-S-e-X-..鉂わ笍猡碉笍 18cams.xyz !馃挅馃枻鉂わ笍浠婂緦銇皸銈掋儵銈ゃ儢閰嶄俊銇啀绶ㄣ亗銈娿亴銇ㄣ亞銇с仚锛併亾銇棩銇儵銈ゃ儢閰嶄俊銇併亱銇倝銈娿倓銇般亱銇c仧銇с仚銇紒锛戜竾浜恒倰瓒呫亪銈嬩汉銇岃銇︺亜銇熴倐銈擄紙绗戯級銈勩仯銇便倞浜哄弬鏈楂橈紒銇俱仌銇嬨伄銈儭銉╁垏銈婂繕銈屻仹銈勩倝1銇嬨仐銇熴伄銈傘儔銈儔銈仹銇椼仧,.馃挅馃枻 鍦ㄦ暣鍊嬩汉椤炴鍙蹭笂锛屽挤鑰咃紝瀵屼汉鍜屽叿鏈夌嫛鐚剧壒璩殑浜烘崟椋熼儴钀斤紝姘忔棌锛屽煄閹紝鍩庡競鍜岄剦鏉戜腑鐨勫急鑰咃紝鐒'瀹堝拰璨х鎴愬摗銆傜劧鑰岋紝浜洪鐨勭敓瀛樻剰椤樿揩浣块偅浜涜鎷掔禃锛岃鍓濆オ鎴栨懅姣鐨勫熀鏈渶姹傜殑浜哄戞壘鍒颁簡涓绋敓娲绘柟寮忥紝涓︾辜绾屽皣鍏禗NA铻嶅叆涓嶆柗鐧煎睍鐨勪汉椤炵ぞ鏈冦.瑾埌椋熺墿锛屼笉瑕佷互鐐洪偅浜涜鎷掔禃鐨勪汉鍙悆鍨冨溇銆傜浉鍙嶏紝浠栧戝鏈冧簡鍦ㄨ蹇借鐨勮倝椤炲拰钄彍涓皨鎵剧嚐椁娿備粬鍊戝鏈冧簡娓呮綌锛屽垏濉婏紝瑾垮懗鍜屾參鐕夋參鐕夌殑閲庤彍鍜岃倝椤烇紝鍦ㄩ鍝佸競鍫翠笂琚拷鐣ョ殑閮ㄥ垎瀹剁敤钄彍鍜岃倝椤烇紝涓︿笖瀛告渻浜嗕娇鐢ㄨ姵棣欑殑鏈ㄧ厵锛堝灞辨牳妗冿紝灞辨牳妗冨拰璞嗙鐏屾湪 渚嗚鍛抽鐗╃叜鐨勬檪鍊 1617284122

  • Mo and Ruky 馃槀

  • One thing I agree 100% is that cheating in MMA is very easy if you poke or kick in the balls or any other ilegal blow you get an immediate point deduction instead of the not only one warning but multiple warnings all this cheating would be over.

  • Paper champ is too much of a compliment

  • Why is he not relinquishing the belt at this point? Save yourself boi.

  • I could not watch more than 3 minutes. UFC needs to wake up... MMA is real fighting & the fans are real. Promoting BS is not going to work...

  • lol more dislikes than likes 馃槑馃ぃ馃お馃槣

  • Aljo is definetly not the first person ive heard say its slick since they started spraying stuff on the canvas

    • Yan didnt have any problems

  • Aljamain paper champ

  • He remebers every detail even though he was "rocked" and "didn't fake it"

    • Aljamain the best actor in the UFC, should get an oscar 馃挴

  • Guys, we won't just forget. He is not a real champion.

  • Miranda

  • See aljo - dislike. coward and fake

  • Literally only watched Miranda's part. I'm a little obsessed with her. She's cool. The UFC needs to take cameras to her farm or something. Now, that will be a story.

  • Clown 馃槄

  • Old Comedian is obvious BDL

  • Miranda Maverick is dope asf but that other guy on the episode is whack

  • 75% dislikes says it all

  • RE Aljo's complaints about the octagon cage being more slick now and evidenced by fighters tripping more often now, is that in any way on purpose because UFC may think more grip = more injuries? Sort of like Basketball players with really grippy shoes get freak injuries on the court sometimes.

  • Miranda seems optimo 馃憤

  • Watching serra's facial expressions while sterling is stating his case is hilarious 馃槀 guy looks like he's screaming inside

  • Matt serra looked so disappointed in the aljo interview 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檪锔 I couldn't get my feet underneath me? He said usman complained about it being slippery? Petr yan is gonna hurt this man unless somebody snaps him out of that mindset

  • The most shit full podcast. No prejudgment Sera

  • This guy legit worse than Wilder and his 40 pound costume.

  • 馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ

  • If cage is slippery then it's slippery for everyone

  • Yan's feet didn't slip?馃檮

  • Its not that ppl didn't talk shit about petr yan..it was that as time went on ppl started to see sterlings real colors.

  • LOL ok high road here, let him have his moment. He will only keep the belt till his next fight IF he takes a real fight with a top 5 fighter. He lost to Moraes and Assuncao who are not top 5 fighters. Lol

  • Where鈥檚 the report for fraud button on here

  • Calling it early, Miranda was not born a woman but i guess thats why Jimmy was so fascinated by "her"