UFC 260: Fight Motion

Opublikowany 30 mar 2021
Take a slow motion trip through some of the most exciting exchanges and highlights from the heavyweight championship fight between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 this past weekend, as well as highlights from bouts up and down the card.
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  • I love how the music builds up like it's going to "blow up" and then it just starts at the beginning again. Repeat, repeat , etc. Haha.

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  • I wish the ufc showed highlights the normal way like they use to.

  • Miocic estava com medo e muito inseguro.

  • 1:15 to 1:28 highlights of missing shots. lmao!


  • #свободуММА

  • plthrow.info/my/wideo/xpmAoWTG1NVjpps.html

  • 1:57 knockout was legit

  • Aguante river

  • Ngannou New King of 2021!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Cyril Gane is the next champion and will murk ngannou dont @ me

  • When Francis stuffed that takedown attempt and then transitioned, took down and pounded Stipe I knew it was over. He let him know that for a failed takedown attempt there was a heavy leather to the face toll to be paid. Stipe was lost after that, you could actually see the shock in his eyes.

  • I still can’t get over the fact that Francis can wrestle now. He’s the scariest dude in the UFC.

  • 4:24

  • The ford escort got remapped stage 2...

  • True that.

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  • Francis is a scary dude that I would love to meet one day, a dude can dream right?

  • Kids wanna watch jones vs nuganno but legends wanna watch lesnar vs nuganno

  • nice 🤩

  • good

  • Beautiful

  • Francis is a monster, Jon Jones might be highly skilled but not skilled enough to eat that Bazooka. Reyes was better than Jon and look what happened to him.

  • 😡They didn't show the real knockout of Francis when Stipe miocic fell backwards backwards.

  • Great camera and footage!

  • i don't like O'Malley but damn the kid is a joy to watch when he's on his a-game

  • 2:00 me jumping into the pool during a hot weather

  • how did stipe eat that last head kick ?...chin from hell...

  • I wish they'd do this for every ufc fight...even fight night...love this shit...

  • I don’t usually watch these cuz I know theyre not gonna show the knockout but damn im hoping

  • very well edited.

  • Nice match

  • plthrow.info/my/wideo/vp6JkWO-yLBneIU.html

  • That Sean O'Malley switch attack at 2:54 was N A S T Y

  • Honestly I feel bad for Woodly.

  • Stipe reminds me of Chuck Liddell. Hax a great chin, but once that chin ge its CV cracked by one guy, everything will fall apart from there.

  • Stipe still best hw ever in UFC history. When Nganou will fight 8 title fights and will defend his belt 3 times, than Nganou will be the best.But for now, he's just a new champ, that's all.

    • Stipe lost his belt twice. Stop crying

  • Fight!... Je peux pas me passer de sport contre je peux pas me passer de coeur+! Qui tombe à l eau?

  • 3:02 Man that uppercut feint Suga does becoming one of his signature moves!

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  • Ngannou will beat the remaining steroids out of Twice Cheater Jon Jones.

  • jones is lucky UFC has kept him on for so long considering what a POS he is......

  • Bye bye stipo nobody ever liked you

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  • McGregor and O'Malley are so relaxed that they always look like they're in fight motion.

  • Ngannous chin has never been tested.

  • Not to take anything away from Francis, but the champ gave it up, I mean just look at his soft body... he looks so soft... he looks so soft... he did not care for this fight.... just for the lil bit extra $$ he get from uncle Dana

  • Stipe, prvi i drugi snažan udarac ti pomute razum kod ključnog trećeg si zaboravio napraviti dodatni korak unatrag. Stari se! Pozdrav iz Hrvatske.

  • Congrats Francis!! Great performance! 😎

  • 😕plthrow.info/my/wideo/vql8lJzS0NqfmIU.html

  • Man you just open the door for the Africans fighter out there . As an African I’m proud . I wish you the best

  • Congratulations to Francis Ngannou! I'm so happy to see him with the belt!

  • These are always worse than they should be. Whos editing?

  • I dont know what the hell Jack Slack is talking about, this card was straight flames. Incredible night of fights!

  • Great video.

  • Francis must be eating really great food to look like that, hmmm?

  • RIP to chadwick but they need to make francis the new black panther man.

  • Where is Stipe's right direct?

  • Congrats to Francis for the win. But damn Stipe is a tough dude. No one else could have survived those shots.

  • So this time Stipe didn't ruin Dana's plans.

  • Slow mo is unreal.

  • Just show the entire fight ending sequences in full please.

  • Pay your fighters more

  • Maximum all 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🔉🎶🎼🎵👍🏻

  • How are you going to make a fight motion and not show the knockout punch and follow up by Francis? Weak.

  • It was a matter of time until OMalley landed that back-stepping, left hook. He kept timing it perfectly

  • ...Stipe was not ready that night!

  • I think the biggest thing in Stipe losing this fight is that he's had that epic battles with DC over the years, it takes a lot from you!

  • I'll fight anyone named Francis, don't Tell him I said that for his own safety not mine

  • Just when you think Francis couldn't get any more dangerous he gains like 3 wrestling levels

  • 4:24 thank me later

  • Didn't include the KO shot 👎🏻

  • 2:02 Bruce Lee's super side kick to neck.

  • 👎

  • God help the ufc fighters if francis wrestling IQ reaches at least stipes levels and imagine it at Cormiers level 😳

  • You didn’t even show the finishing punches what the hell?

  • Little Tyrone throwing knees lol

  • Fight motion looks kinda like slow motion.

  • Barriault vs Azaitar is the fight of the week and possible one of best fight of 2021

  • I aint even trying to talk shit Francis is my boy. BUT im from Rochester Jon Jones Would Fucking Maaaaauul Francis and make that shit look easy! THE UNDISPUTED GOAT JONNY BONES 🐐🐐

  • There are a lot of fighters in the 5th dimension, Arlovski, Overeem, Cain, Jds, C.Blaide, J.Roseinstruik... Stipe: what are you guys doing here Overeem: take a place my friend, Arlovski: we are the ones who heard death very closely Jairzinho: welcome to the 5th dimension of the predator

  • When Ngannou defended the takedown and then reversed it, we all knew it was over.

  • Nganou needs to pull a Jack Johnson and start speeding on highways 🛣 and sleeping with white women.......exclusively. They’re definitely looking for a NEW WHITE HOPE.

  • Omaly is more exciting inside the cage

  • Episode level! I liked everything, except that Stipe damn it ... it's a pity, I was so rooting for him( ps what kind of music is playing? who will tell you?)

  • Ngannou is my hero

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  • Damn, the power of that jab tho... Most people can't even throw a hook of that much power... Francis Ngannou's power is so unfair.

  • why stipe cut so much weight and muscle ? the weight difference too many .......huge .disadvantage....... his muscles too were gone......

  • Black lives matter ;)

  • That check left hook was superb

  • Scary to see Stipe keep standing after eat more than two Francis mega punch

  • Stipe fighting continuously with DC lost track of how big normal heavy weights are. This lean body only works on DC. If he had more muscles, he would have taken down francis for sure

  • What a video

  • That fade away gets me everytime..😂😂😂

  • That was absolutely awesome!! Thanks Dana

  • haha. ol' gurl didn't even flinch from the coochie kick