UFC 260: Sean O'Malley - "I Gotta Do Something Sweet" | Post-Fight Interview

Opublikowany 27 mar 2021
Sean O'Malley put on a show in his fight with Thomas Almeida at UFC 260 eventually winning with a third-round knockout. Listen to O'Malley talk with Joe Rogan after his bout.
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  • i wanna see him fighting some top 5. i hope he does not become a journyman like cerrone or sanchez

  • I see they gave the baby a nice warm bottle with cereal so he can stop crying

  • Say what you like about his attitude and his outside the cage antics, when watching this guy fight I don't look away from the screen for even a second.

  • Bruh he better workin on his slippery feet

  • Es lo que detesto de este tipo, gana una pelea casi que montada para gane, con un contrincante inexistente y ya se siente el rey del mundo. Para mi O'Malley no existe.

  • Dude had a hand-picked bum to fight so they can prop him back up lol

  • And the hype train is back. Ohmyleg is good but not champ material. Top 3-5

  • I want to see the garbrandt we seen against Cruz vs omalley.they be taunting each other after every hit 馃槅

  • Does this guy get on anyone else鈥檚 nerves? I know that I can鈥檛 be the only one

  • Can MMA fans stop being toxic now?

  • 馃榿plthrow.info/my/wideo/356CmJvNlNKIa4U.html


  • O Malley fought excellent no lie. gotta stay humble tho

  • A煤n sigue ardido por lo de Chito 馃嚜馃嚚馃敟

  • Fraco demais esse thominha

  • Wanna see him against zabit

  • I still believe O'Malley is Undefeated...

  • He needs to fight top 5 guys not like this

  • O鈥橫alley is a big name now You either love him or hate him He should fight either Cruz, Garbrandt or Vera rematch

  • Suga is going to be slow walked. He has personality and a dynamic style to generate views. Dana isn't going to feed him to the wolves just yet. Why ruin him before milking him?

  • He's and kind. Keep it up. Don't be a youtuber, be a good sportsman.

  • I f@#kin love you Joe Rogan

  • What's Sean O' Malley Record Now?

  • UFC is trying hard to hype him up. They put a dude that was in a 3 fight losing streak.

  • Hell yeah O鈥橫alley gotta show us something sweet 4/20

  • Hype Train : Re-Railed

  • #And still Undefeated

  • I鈥檒l be honest I鈥檓 a hater lol. Pissed me off how Thomas couldn鈥檛 close distance so Sean couldn鈥檛 set up. I wanna see o mailey vs rivera. Rivera 1-4 his last five fights. Seans up rising at 1-1 in ufc. Good test and gets him in ranking and possibly set up rematch with Vera if he wins his next fight.

  • Damn I can鈥檛 stand that kid. Obviously he would beat my ass so I can鈥檛 shut him up, but I damn sure would love for someone to come along and shut his ass up.

  • Omally is that cool white guy in the hood

  • Sugar "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?" O'malley

  • Lol all of the haters are on here trying to show some love again. 馃槀

  • There you go sean 馃憦 let your skills be flashy.....let the rainbow hair go bub its a little fruity you'll understand when you're older 鉁

  • So if he counts losses as wins, is he going to count this win as a loss? 馃

  • Who here thinks o malley is a legitimate threat to the bantamweight division

  • I f鈥檔 love you Joe Rogan... absolutely hilarious.

  • Still undefeated

  • Remember when people said Woodley was the ww goat 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Good fight, now move up a weight class and fight someone your size.

  • Really stamann?! Lol

  • Tattoos make him uglier

  • they spoon fed him a total bum though hahahahaa

  • Been one of my favorite fighters in the league and will continue to be so he鈥檚 just fuckin nasty and I feel like he鈥檚 slept on just my opinion

  • malley will go up weight division

  • We wanna see sugar vs cruz!!!!

  • Oh man the Vera rematch needs to happen

  • Where's that chito rematch?

  • Lmao I was getting ready for that 鈥淚 fucking love you Joe Rogan鈥

  • The UFC NEEDS TO GIVE SEAN MORE MONEY!!! Truly phenomenal performance.

  • Referee Mark Shit

  • Shia gonna enjoy p;aying this role

  • O'Malley wants to be the chump someday. He's the chump now...

  • Gooood fix fight

  • All haters gonna be like I knew he was gonna win Fuck outta here #Sugashow 13-0

  • Cody vs O'malley GOD DANG

  • Sick 馃樂 Sean ain鈥檛 no joke sick skills and calmness

  • I just love watching his fight movements. Not many like him

  • Him and that mexican and kai are the best in this division just because there all cool dudes 馃棧锔忦煉

  • God damn its hard to like sean o'malley he is so cringe from the walkout to the lil' dance he does at the end, i dont know who he tries to emulate but whoever it is he needs to stop he looks like a clown when hes not fighting

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  • Dana finally got good news since two of his hype jobs are back lmao

  • Dude he fought looked like a scrub. I think he still crumbles to real competition.

  • Garbrandt

  • Sean O'Malley vs Frankie Edgar

  • Sometimes i dont know if its Dana White or Joe R.

  • Lol did joe realise he was one of the stupid people getting proved wrong

  • Sean is a good fighter yes. But him as a person is the worst thing possible. He鈥檚 disgusting and annoying

  • Marlon Vera awfully quiet, all you O'Malley bandwagon jumpers, isnt he? This fight was an 8.9 outta 10 for Suga. He fought great, he rubbed it in a lil bit, he played it cool, interviews were nearly perfect. I am so happy!

  • Walmart McGregor back at it again

  • Why does he keep doin that weird dance lol wtf just celebrate that's not really necessary

  • Who was he talking about when he said 鈥 a lot of smart people, people I thought were smart鈥. Seems like that was aimed towards someone. Just curious

    • He was talking about Chael Sonnen, Big John McCarthy, Micheal Bisbing, Josh Thompson, Daniel Cormier, and probably more. I was watching all the media leading up to this fight, and saw all those guys kind of talk like Sean might be in trouble after coming off of a loss. Saying people just need to throw leg kicks to win.

  • Give him a title shot he鈥檚 ready , he鈥檚 a lot more skill full in every way then the current champ

    • lmao hate Aljo all you want, but he would choke the absolute shit out of O'Malley

  • Jesus saves. Love you guys.

  • Would love to see him in a different weight class. Sean vs Max would be sick

  • good performance by o'malley but almeida isn't a top 15 fighter, and his game plan was dogshit. i wanna see o'malley vs. a ranked opponent.

  • Sugar Shane is so overrated~ He was fed a bum for a fighter, this isn't a real test but a show to attract fans and of course generate more money for Dana White/UFC~

  • And STILL Undefeated.....

  • That last finish was amazing


  • "Break out the red panties, it's Bellator time baby" - Thomas "I once had a hype train too" Almeida

  • The extra-large extra-small exuberant height ultrastructurally analyse because stocking kinetically instruct till a lopsided surname. rapid, tawdry dugout

  • 陌magine Sean (My kid is an acident) o malley calls someone stupid. What world we live in ??

  • Somebody call my boy Chito Vera LMAO 馃ぃ

  • tony ferguson the type of dude to spinning back fist the fridge door to close it

  • This dude is fun to watch pre-during-post fight

  • Sean K'O Malley

  • Alot A Love in the House.

  • Please give this guy a ranked opponent so that he can shut up for a bit

  • Don't overhype this guy again.. We don't care

  • Maybe the most "fluid" fighter in the UFC. FLUID

  • I wonder what inspired the owl on his chest 馃槫馃毈馃

  • PEDs are a hell of a drug

  • The last round hit was something different.

  • Stop fing around give him a top 10 opponent let鈥檚 see how good he really is.

  • I feel bad for Thomas Almeida,guy is a good fighter but is on a 4 losing streak now

  • Sean O'Malley reminds me of the guy we all had as a smoking buddy in high school.

  • I can鈥檛 wait to see UFC 261 !! That鈥檚 the best card coming up I think馃し馃徏鈥嶁檪锔

  • Krusty 69 with the victory...

  • plthrow.info/my/wideo/vqeohqfZvNqNlaM.html

  • Oofff Roblox O鈥橫alley