Sean O'Malley Ranks Bantamweights, Streaming Must-Haves, 'Fit Essentials

Opublikowany 26 mar 2021
UFC bantamweight Sean O'Malley sat down to rank active bantamweights, must-see fighters, streaming must-haves and his 'fit essentials.
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  • Him and 69 are they same rainbow hair and live in their own reality one still thinks he is undefeated and one is not a snitch . anyone in the top 5 will make O'Malley's Taekwondo Tourette Syndrome look foolish


  • Whaaaa did he just said him like bro nobody watch ur fights 馃拃馃拃

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  • People hating on someone that makes more money than them. Hm typical United States

  • Sean鈥檚 the man 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃槂

  • or welterweight

  • he needs to step up to fight other fighters his sizes to many smaller fighters he need to set up to other top fighters

  • Overinflated ego and yes men around you is a dangerous mix.

  • Damn he did Cory Sandhagen dirty...

  • 馃ケ馃槾馃い

  • They're really counting on this kid

  • Basically he doesn't like grapplers

  • Streaming tips good the rest ultra biased trash 馃棏馃槾

  • Mans not even ranked wtf

  • Still undefeated 馃檶馃徏

  • Good editing with Conor: *"souprise souprise mofo!"* , followed by Nate: *"I'm not soupriced, mofos!"*

  • Suga 2'malley

  • 3:33 Karl Lagarfeld jr

  • The worst top 5 ranking anyone could make except Font and Yan. Salty guy leaving out absolute killers out of the top 5.

  • 馃憫

  • best fight?? mine best undereated record mine best look? mine! what a doofus!!

  • UFC promotes the fuck out of this guy and doesnt promote Jan or Leon

  • "The ecuadorian flag was never my friend" O麓Myleg's hair.

  • Sean should talk about the importance of having a good ankle

  • I don t get why the UFC is giving this guy this exposer. He will never be the champ not even top 5

  • Love this guy

  • Love how all greatest to watch get examples shown apart from himself - no way he鈥檚 top 5 exciting to watch

  • Just pick guys you train with lol

    • Of course those have to be the best guys because he trains with them but how come Rob font is fighting Cody garbrandt and O'Malley is still fighting for his undefeated record

  • I don't see how beating a guy that hasn't won in 5 years will help his stock. This is a lose lose situation for sugar

  • Why does he say every word twice lmao

  • Hahaha 鈥淭im sucks ass, but he is still a good streamer.鈥

  • That hair dye done fried his brain

  • He needs another serving of humble pie.

    • Not this time homie.. better luck next time buddy 馃槀馃槀

  • This man a fluke if he loses

  • Derrik: "he's ok"

  • Khabib is no.1

  • Sugar Sean for the ko 馃挭馃徎

  • delusional confidence.

  • Bias ass list 馃槀

  • UFC needs to stop promoting this clown. Obviously just trying to build him up as their next cash cow but he's annoying as shit. Bad look for the sport in my opinion.

    • @Kyler Scott act like I give a fuck 馃ぃ

    • @Jon Collins yeah man that was a sick knockout.. now he gets to go home to his family with a win, and your negative ass gets to feel like an idiot for a few days.. 馃槝

    • @Kyler Scott k

    • Your opinion is useless here.. move along little Jonny boy

  • Stop trying to make this nobody a somebody u tools

  • Way to arrogant for his own ego. Acts like he already made it while he never fought a ranked fighter. Slow down lil ninja

    • Reminds me of James Gallagher.....

    • @Alex Actually Chito was unranked so he did not fight a ranked fighter, Chito might be ranked now but he was not when they fought

    • He did fight a ranked fighter, and lost in R1. He's definitely good, and an exciting fighter. But this much promotion for someone who hasn't beaten one ranked opponent is too much hype traun.

    • He is like a conor who never even beat anybody. If almeida is smart he kicks his legs three times and the fight is over

    • People have different personalities also O鈥橫alley is pretty famous for the fights he鈥檚 done. That鈥檚 how you get fans and hits by acting this way. Lol

  • Sandhagen would kill this meme

  • Sean reminds me of Noel Redding the bass player from the Jimi Hendrix experience with that last outfit

  • Over promotion He's the paige vanzant of 2021

    • Naa she didn't sleep people like he does, and did to Thomas 馃憤馃徏 Better luck on next ppv's comment section :)

  • Lets go almeida, knock this dude out please. Tired of all that talk

    • @Kyler Scott almeida had no chance. It is what is. The best man won.

    • Yeah great knockout...馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

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  • Sean "ufc trying to make some hype with me" O'Failley

  • Think Sean is in for a nasty night. #kickhimintheleg

  • Lol the dislikes. He lost a lot of fans

  • meh

  • Sean the kind of fighter to watch his fight live

  • That last outfit was gangsta

  • His current nickname should be "The delusional one".

  • Dudes flameing bigly

  • He's so desperate for attention, his whole personality screams " PLSSS NOTICE ME IM DIFFERENT". Good fighter but not likeable.

  • be sure not to misgender the clown...

  • He looks like he smells really bad.

  • Ok so O'Malley is a Generic casual, but that's ok.

  • Why doesn't he acknowledge the champion in his division. Black man can't catch a break. 馃槼

  • Think this showed he can be a down to earth just straight up funny guy. This video I think highlighted his best qualities as a person, which I think he really needed.

    • I'd say the UFC were aware that the o'malley brand was getting a little tattered around the edges and had to do something constructive about the situation.

  • Good ankle wraps

    • Yeah they looked a little more loose this time.. K. fucking O.

    • 馃槄馃ぃ馃槄馃う馃徎

  • We are both McGregor fans....!!!

  • Sean Low Performance 1 Malley. WEAK!

    • Oh really? God this is great, I get to come back to these comments, and clown on all you bitches! 馃槀

  • Dude is sipping way too much of his own cool-aide.

  • UFC needs to stop promoting this kid so hard. He's coming into the game washed up on an Instagram hype, straight garbage.

  • i miss nick everyday

  • Let鈥檚 go suga show you got this chum. Knock him out. See it

  • He would be the greatest to ever do it If it wasn't for everyone having toes that they can use against the nerves in his legs!

  • God damn he needs to shave though

  • Heck yeah, wish him the best

  • This guy going to win a fight this year?馃

    • Uh yes sir? How was that knockout? Talk more shit foooool

  • Kick this 馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ in his NERVE 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Guy just fights bums lol

  • Imagine woodley rapping with omalleys hair

  • Thomas Almeida by drop toe hold.

    • Yeah he held his toe when Sean ground and pounded him into the clouds

  • I think this dude is too skinny for this weight class at the highest level. A bulk would do him and his ankles better.

    • i think so too

  • This dude is such a douche.

  • Hope he gets finished three in a role an sent to bellator or bare knuckle so we can stop taking up media time with this bum

  • No chance vs that wrecking bomb Thomas. Can't wait for this fuck to get cut.

    • thomas is getting ko麓d i think


  • Ufc should do this with fighters more often

  • Nobody cares.

  • This goon gonna get btfo鈥檇 again and we鈥檒l never hear about him. Gonna be great


  • Who let this clown make this video

  • Hopefully that injury doesn't play on his mind

  • He looks like a crackhead

  • Sean looking like he was casted in that 70s show

  • He will lose again.

  • that was clean fit at the end lmao

    • @3xoticG4m3r damn u must be cringe in real life saying that over the internet

    • @Bas You must be since u won鈥檛 stop talking bout it Imma just stop and go let u get ur last word in so it can feel like u won or something 馃槀

    • He looks like the guy college girls dream about 馃槀

    • @Osah Jackson damn your cringe

    • @Osah Jackson Fantasizing about it again... Just stop embarrassing yourself

  • Who is this homeless girl?

  • Sugarcane Oh-Ma-Leg!

  • Dude seems OK but the hair doo man, you will get fame regardless of the flash stuff

  • 馃ぁ 馃 馃Φ馃徎

  • He will tap out tomorrow

    • @Kyler Scott OK yeah hats off to the guy O Malley who beat a man who had lost 4 out of his last 5 fights! O Malley is trash. He cuts 50 lbs. And fights at 135 cause he knows guys like max Holloway, Zabit, Kattar, and even Jose Aldo would beat the shit out of him at 145!!! He so scared of competition that if he could, he would cut down to 125 lbs!! He will never be a champion cause he is a punk bitch!!! Lol

    • Lol I'm gonna keep clowning every hater in this comment section! He knocked Thomas out son, what you gotta say now??

  • If you buy gold wether it's a chain ring, earrings. it's an investment you still hold the value.

  • Nobody talking about how the UFC is setting this guy up with a easy win. His opponent has 1 win in his last 5 fights.

    • If you knew about fighting you鈥檇 know almeida is no easy win

  • Sugar Shins O'Malley