Daniel Cormier Shares His Thoughts on Miocic vs Ngannou 2

Opublikowany 26 mar 2021
Former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier spoke with the media after the UFC 260 weigh-in and gave this thoughts on the rematch between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou.
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  • DC shows that UFC has so much talent, not only in fighting and athleticism but also presenter/entertainer.

  • Its not the same, but DC and Jon is like when Ali was commentating fights after he lost to Norton and Fraizer

  • 2:27 This Interviewer is always biased towards Black Athletes

  • DC looking like a super heavyweight in this bout.

  • Guess it was a new Francis.

  • DC wants Ngannou to ko Jones

  • Picture this.. francis ngannou vs anthony Johnson at heavyweight. 2 of the hardest hitters ever in combat sports period.

  • DC standing like he just pooped himself and doesn't wanna tell his mum.

  • Shut D.C. you hack! Quit try to ride Francis's coattails, you only won by desperately trying to poke Stipe's eyes out and you had to steal the idea from Jon Jones 馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃榿馃榿馃榿! And after all that whining about Jones being a cheater, you are incredibly lame and lacking in self-awareness.

  • Rogan and DC need cut. The bias is unbelievable now and is making UFC look bad.

  • GTA 6 coming soon to PS5 near you. Your host DC. LOL

  • Ive always found it odd that every other division has to "make weight" where as in the heavy weight division, you could outweigh a guy by 30 pounds...

  • honestly, there should be one more weight category. something like super heavy weight. i looks like there are 3 weight classes difference between miocic and ngannou..

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  • Why do i feel that they are trying to put Rogan out..

  • DC such a great and articulate representative of the sport he's always a joy to listen to

  • Punkass Stipe

  • Future UFC President, Mark my words!

  • Love listening to DC analyse fights, such a smart dude


  • guaranteed this guys big thing is going to the wwe

  • Cormier stand up and fight with Ugonoh and dont fucking cry like a little girl

  • And Congrats to Francis 馃憤 very nice man !

  • Maybe time to consider breaking up the Heavies ? 235# and Super Heavyweight at #265. No other division has the weight and size difference ? Any thoughts

    • @Brett M like the analogy Khabib vs Adesanya ! Makes the extreme weight difference clearer to comprehend.

  • Hayu bang Danil cormir.coba lawan Francis ngganou berani gk.?

  • Hi DC... nobody gives a shit about your opinion, Bones beat your ass... let it go 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔

  • DC should be the new ufc president

  • Is dc delusional? Jones was cleared by usada

  • Daniel Cormier ... give him credit ... he is an awesome commentator. Always enjoy hearing him and Joe Rogan call fights.

  • 4:28 That鈥檚 how long it lasted approximately 馃う馃徎馃ゴ I hope Stipe is good, still thinking he鈥檚 best, just be manhandled with brute strength too early...

  • DC happy as fuck he didn鈥檛 have to dance with francis

  • Dc was so happy about the ko now he has wet dreams ngannou does the same to jon jones馃槀

  • My mans is the black Dana white 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • DC is a showman by just being DC

  • Big Respect to Stipe!!! Annnnnnnd NOOOOW.. Defend the takedown, take the BACK, JAB the 'Kamaru' LEFT.. Miesha said it... AND NEW!!!!!! NGAAAANNOOOOOUUUUU 馃憡馃従馃憡馃従

  • Miocic slept in 2nd round.

  • Francis just did it.

  • Francis ngannou just destroyed stipe literally nearly killed him

    • @ChrisBinlackin liar

    • @ChrisBinlackin 38 liae

    • @Samurai Jack Damn he's that old and 35lbs lighter than francis? He gonna have to fight like FM in his third set vs Ngannou

    • @ChrisBinlackin He's 38.

    • An 42 year old stipe he was clearly pass his prime by then

  • Why people be hating on DC

  • Love DC comments 馃挭馃挭

  • DC a winner

  • DC reading rehearsed answers from a teleprompter.

  • DC the man

  • a good wellspoken man, good insights into UFC

  • DC you are so cool :)

  • Preping for future UFC President

  • Listen to DC! Listen..to DC.

  • 鈥淢aybe a welterweight adesanya or costa鈥 馃槀 if we鈥檙e talking welterweights it has to be Colby 馃憡馃徏

  • Hope he wasn't referring to jan at the end there, Jan was in the right and literally everybody knows that lol. Still love DC but he handled that situation poorly

  • That's why I'm a DC fan.

  • When did Erkle gain 350lbs and do MMA stage interviews?

  • Obviously And still 馃槾

  • Is your issue with Jones REALLY because he cheated? I think it's more about him being an asshole (which is understandable).

  • who is the moron that really wanted dc to leak private things?

  • Ngannou takes this round 3


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  • Stipe is going to sleep 馃挙馃槾


  • Derrick Lewis is criminally overlooked...

  • DC not only a fighter but knows his shit I agree w him but I'd like to see Stipe win 1 more time cause when Francis is the champ he will go down as a goat like Stipe no stopping THE PREDEATOR

  • I want to see stipe knocking francis out t.ko round 2

  • 11:37 LOL

  • I want to see Stipe take his legs away with calf kicks and leg kicks, over and over. Go to the body like he did with DC once his legs are gone then KO Francis in 4th or 5th. Francis got nothing if he got no legs. Stipe can do it where maybe no other heavy weight could.

  • Jon Jones WILL beat DC 10 times out of 10. Jones is just that much of a better fighter.

  • IS Daniel 馃寛?

  • Shup Up Hipop贸tamo

  • Aw look at the lil guy.. He been eatin lol

  • Well francis gonna get private MMA class 馃悢馃挩馃挩馃挩馃弮馃徑

  • Should be Jones Jones up there. Who cares about DC lol

  • Dan C is such a good dude, so based.

  • If Francis wins I think he should fight Derrick Lewis for his 1st title defense. They will probably make him fight stipe again for the trilogy bs ...which I would not run it back right away. So if Francis wins than hopefully he just knocks him out quick and dont take no damage so he can get back in there quick and that way they would be less likely to wait for a stipe trilogy. Dana loves certain guys though and he loves trilogy's or rivalries. Look at conor McGregor and jon jones he will do anything for those guys. I think francis and izzy should be the next 2 that he does more for lol

    • If it was conor who lost instead of izzy than dana would of let him get back in there and try again right away. Also if it was jon jones who lost the belt to an illegal knee than dana white would of done everything to over turn it or get him right back in there.... even if he had to move the fight somewhere else over night or hold it in his backyard like a underground fight.

  • You know who won鈥檛 ever be doing this crap after they retire? Stipe

  • Dc doing a great job he really has deep knowledge im enjoying his presenting skills

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  • What time is the fight? Why so late? Anyone twitch stream or something?

  • He's not a 5 round fighter D.C.

  • It鈥檚 going to be a great fight 馃挭馃徎

  • You are a Top-Man DC...

  • Dc gonna fight jones

  • He should be the next president of the company

  • The Legend and BIG FRIEND OF CHABIB!!!

    • Yep and it's khabib with a k 馃

  • My thoughts on Daniel Cormiers thoughts on miocic vs ngannou. Hears some words for you to ponder on 馃槀馃ぃ

  • Stipe is gonna get KO'ed Terrifyingly...

  • When Dana Retires DC should get his job. Top guy.

  • Nate Diaz vs jake Paul

  • D.C. knows Stipe and his analysis are intellectually on point fo sho! Every experienced opinion is definitive, so now it's on the fighters. Lets get it Stipe!

  • I really hope when Dana retires DC can take his place, he'd be the perfect fit

  • Francis needs to stay on the outside and make it a striking game. But he needs to be on guard for when stipe attempts to make a grappling match like the last time. Two great guys going at it. I am going with francis this time. In the meanwhile, dc is fast becoming one of the best commenters in the ufc.

  • Its just that.. Ben..doesnt..really..box.. 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ kkkkkkk (dead) You just got to love Cormier LEGEND

  • I'm gonna go with stipe . I still honour Francis 鉂わ笍 .but my support is always for stipe (鉂わ笍)

  • DC going to be taking Dana鈥檚 job within 18 months.

  • "you gotta play fair" sais Mr poke-you-in-the-eye... 馃ぃ

    • @John Doe hes the smaller fighter. Smaller fighter tend to reach out

    • @Hatem Hammad He did it in both fights with Stipe. Just watch the fights again, that wasn't on accident. Cormier basically became champ because he poked Stipe in the eye.

    • You realize that most fighters with a wrestling background are used to extending their hands like that to try grab their opponent, right? Both of them did it, neither of them intended to do it. While we鈥檙e at it, no one is worse than Jones when it comes to eye pokes

  • The dirtiest fighter in the UFC saying Jon doesn鈥檛 play fair 馃槀馃槀馃ぁ

  • I love watching DC! Not like the other commentators.

  • Ngannou gotta take him out fast, LmAo, he tried that already.. Francis is far from a great fighter, swings wild, amateurish at best..

  • DC great warrior,but 9 body shots from stipe that fight changed him

  • Great guy 馃馃徏. Gr Holland

  • DC is a pretty cool guy when he's not deliberately trying to blind Stipe just to win.

    • @Liberty Prime You're telling me you saw DC's eyepokes from the first fight and that's your opinion? I can't argue with someone THAT stupid lmao.

    • Let's pretend Stipe didn't do the same thing on both the first and third fight.